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A prospering town centre

Town Centre Action Plan
| Introduction | Prosperity | People | Community | Moving | Environment | Summary |

The objectives outlined for Matraville are centred on the key themes in the Randwick City Plan 2010. The emphasis for Matraville (to become a prospering town centre) is on developing a strong local economy. This could be achieved by focusing on the importance of local services, identifying the gaps in retailing, meeting the needs of the incoming population and improving promotion of the centre.

Encourage residents to shop locally to help support local retailers and services

Matraville is often bypassed by local residents, because it is easier or more attractive to go to other centres, particularly as Matraville does not have a supermarket. There are a number of ways in which local residents can be encouraged to shop locally. By diversifying shops and improving access, local residents may be more inclined to shop locally. This can also be encouraged through a promotional campaign to support local businesses.

Attracting new or different types of businesses into Matraville would be aided by the presence of additional specialty shops, such as a patisserie or delicatessan. There is the opportunity for specialty food shops to be located in Matraville as it has a high proportion of affluent residents in neighbouring suburbs.

Local services are a key to retaining existing businesses and attracting new businesses to Matraville. The retention of local services minimises the need for people to visit other centres, it retains local service-based employment, and enables local residents to meet much of their needs in one place.

Council already supports local business through its purchasing and tendering policy. There are further opportunities to build partnerships with the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) or Industry and Investment NSW for the delivery of training and seminars.

1.1.1 Work with the Chamber of Commerce to continue to promote local retailing and services through promoting and expanding the Shop Local Program

Encouraging residents to shop locally is one way to improve the performance of local centres. The retention of local, small-scale businesses in Matraville will reinforce and encourage local employment opportunities. Promotion may be coordinated through the Chamber of Commerce.

Timeframe: Ongoing
Lead: Randwick Council
Partners: Chamber of Commerce
Resource Requirements: Modest

Diversify the range of retailing within Matraville to meet the day today needs of local residents and to attract ‘destination shoppers’

Identifying the gaps which exist in the retail offer of Matraville is essential. Basic ‘food for home’ purchases are essential for local centres in order to encourage regular and higher levels of use/activity in the centre. While Matraville contains a solid retail base, there is room for growth in retailing. For example, a good quality vegetable and fruit shop may encourage people to visit the centre on their way home from work or school.

1.2.1 Offer a twelve month trial period of no footpath rental fees for outdoor dining

Matraville presents the opportunity for outdoor dining, for both cafes and restaurants. Due to traffic volumes at peak times on weekdays, Bunnerong Road does not present the most ideal environment for outdoor dining. However, there are opportunities for outdoor dining on side streets. A ‘free’ twelve month trial period for new businesses would be implemented to help encourage new cafes and restaurants to open or expand.

Time frame: Short
Lead: Randwick Council
Partners: None
Resource Requirements: Significant (in terms of foregone revenue)

1.2.2 Plan for a local market to be held within Matraville Centre

The creation of a monthly or seasonal market, such as a farmers or growers market, or the establishment of an annual event where local businesses sell their goods would diversify the local retail offer, contribute to the sense of community and may encourage new businesses to move into the centre. However, these types of events would need to appeal to a demographic or catchment that is not already catered for.

Time frame: Short term
Lead: Randwick Council
Partners: Existing market organisers/promoters e.g. Hawkesbury Harvest
Resource Requirements: Moderate

1.2.3 Prepare a prospectus highlighting opportunities within Matraville for specialised retailers

Another approach to attract new or different types of businesses to Matraville could be to expand on existing niche industries or established interests that are unique to the area. Matraville has a strong presence of a sporting culture because of its close proximity to Heffron Park and Chifley Sports Reserve. This is an opportunity to build upon the established relationship between these areas through the attraction of related uses such as specialty sporting goods stores or associated uses, such as physiotherapists and sports injury clinics etc.

Time frame: Short
Lead: Chamber of Commerce
Partners: Council e.g. Council may be able to provide in kind assistance, such as design and layout of the prospectus
Resource Requirements: Modest

Promote development within the centre

Development potential has been indentified within the current LEP and DCP. Public consultation suggests that some land owners are not familiar with opportunities under the current planning controls.

1.3.1 Provide summary information directly to land and business owners

Using a Council’s website, which highlights the opportunities for development within the existing planning controls at Matraville Council can provide developers and land owners with information on development potential that is currently permissible within Matraville, to encourage vacant sites to be developed or existing sites to be redeveloped.

Consultation suggests that land owners and businesses feel ill-informed with regards to development, and development potential in the centre. Increasing awareness of the DCP should be a starting point. This may be achieved through a direct mail out. Alternatively, Council could invite developers and land and business owners to an information session to discuss these issues.

Time frame: Short
Lead: Randwick Council
Partners: -
Resource Requirements: Modest

Monitor and re-evaluate the performance of the centre

To maintain a prosperous town centre the performance of the centre should be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Objectives and actions should be assessed and updated, with the possibility for further actions to be examined.

1.4.1 Review the centre action plan over the medium term

Randwick Council should monitor the planning and development of Matraville centre over the medium term to ensure it is meeting its desired outcomes. A reevaluation of supply and demand, in terms of jobs and floorspace, should be undertaken. A review of the strategy will allow for an assessment of progress and provide new direction for the centre. The Chamber of Commerce will also be asked to provide input on details of the centre and changes that have been implemented.

Time frame: Medium – long
Lead: Randwick Council
Partners: Chamber of Commerce
Resource Requirements: Significant


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