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Home News Noel D’Souza speaks for the gardens

Noel D’Souza speaks for the gardens

Published on 15/06/2012

“After hearing the debate in Council I am now convinced that the community is right in taking on the might of the big corporation The Cemetery Trust. This David versus Goliath struggle may not be of Biblical proportions but certainly of great significance because it’s all about community rights and the right of and individual to live in peace and harmony with his environment. The market gardens are a wonderful opportunity for the community to see at first hand how crops are grown and the initiative and drive that is necessary to get a successful harvest.

… It became obvious to a neutral observer that here was a small group of wealthy individuals using their financial and political muscle not for good but to trample on the rights of a lowly farmer and his small community. History and Heritage played little part in their commercial world.

This is not the only land left in Sydney for burial, there are alternative sites. What about the local rate payers, do our opinions not matter, are we not the custodians of history and heritage so we can pass it on to the next generation. We locals love the eco-friendly natural farming methods practiced at the La Perouse Chinese Market Gardens, not only are they educational but remind us a glorious past when big,bigger biggest mattered little. ” Noel D’Souza


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  1. Carlos

                   At the Council meeting re the LEPthe Council meeting

    instead of trying to take over its neighbour’s land, cemetery needs to find land elsewher

    Hi all please see pictures. Regards, Carlos

    There was many in attendance at the Council meeting many for the Growers Gardens and many for the Cemetery expansion. We greive for the passing of friends and loved ones but we also need to celebrate and look after the living. We stood proud in support of the Marke gardens. It was very reasuring to see our Councillor Belleli support the people when we are trying to save the market gardens and preserve it for the future and future generations. At one stage  when the Mayoral minute was up to a vote and Councillor Belleli raised his views he was called a Malaka by a person in the room we speaka about supoting the people, Councillor Belleli does just that he is a supporter of the people and the local area   this is good news for us all we need to stay strong and fight on. Thank you Noel for supplying the T Shirts.


    The market gardens has history and needs to be part of our future. Fresh produce grown in a great environment. Councillor please look into the future, Randwick City Council has what most other Councils would like to have treasures like the growers market garden. Preserve and protect. The gardens must stay not 40% but the entire land which occupies the market growers gardens. This should not be about religion and culture, we should look at whats realy at stake here and that is we could lose a real golden asset which we call the La Perouse market gardens, its become about land and this is what needs to be discussed, other land in areas of less impacts to the environment need to be searched for to cate a new Cemetery. I to as a catholic have been raised in the belief that when I pass away that my parents prefer burial rather than cremation but this is about protecting the environment preserving for our future and future generations. As I and many others have said other land needs to be found elsewhere in areas with less impacts on environment and local communities. What happens if the proposed take over of 60% of the gardens goes ahead, then the 40% left would then be at risk of the cemetery expansion. We can not let the growers gardens be reduced to a portion or 40%, it must remain what is today with the possibility of in the future incorporating a community gardens to teach our kids about growing fresh produce, council, councillors, all people, heritage groups, farmers can all help and protect this great asset which we have and should have for future generations. People like Gordon and Terry Ha are a treasure with si much family history, lets help them help us.We grieve for the passing of friends and lived ones but we must also celebrate the living. We hope the vote for the zoning is RU4 and that all councillors agree to protect the market gardens for future generations. Regards
    Carlos Da Rocha

  2. Carlos

    Great letter from Noel, the local communities and people from near and far need help in trying to protect this asset the La Perouse growers gardens, let’s go a step further than the zoning of RU4 let’s protect the growers gardens for now and future generations, thank you to the Councillors that are trying to protect the growers gardens, once gone its gone for ever. I hope that is is not about elections issues, I hope the people that can do the right thing will protect the gardens for now and ever.

  3. Well written Noel. Thanx for your support to protect the La Perouse Market Gardens.

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